What is Fleetshare?

Carmiq’s Fleetshare program will allow you to earn money with your car when you’re not using it, and gives you access to rent any of the vehicles listed in our fleet. Over the coming months, we will be releasing fleetshare capabilities in locations where local policies and laws enable it.

For owners, fleetshare will always ensure that they are in control of their vehicle, and the policies related to which groups have privileges to rent them. This will be possible with a fraction of the effort than what is required to manage peer to peer rental activities on today’s networks that have not been designed for connected cars.

How will Fleetshare work?

Fleetshare is designed to be as effortless as possible for vehicle owners. After connecting your vehicle, if you express interest in the program, we will monitor your vehicle usage and suggest times when you can enlist it for rent by other parties. You decide the times you want it to be available for use by Carmiq members. Carmiq’s clear and transparent economics models will allow you to set minimum prices for your car while helping you understand how and where all the value is flowing through the system. And by listing your car, you will receive a fair share of all the profits that are generated.

How do I participate?

All you need to do is indicate your interest after you connect your car on Carmiq. After you connect you’ll be able to express what services you might be interested in (see example below).

Based on your location and vehicle type, we will inform you when specific services are ready in your area. By providing access to your data feed, your car is now part of the network.

There is no cost or obligation to enlist your vehicle in our fleet. However, you do need to be at least 18 years of age to connect your car. Further restrictions may apply to vehicle renters.