The Carmiq Vision

Today, we are on the verge of a transformation in the automotive industry, as leading edge vehicles are becoming increasingly connected, electrified, and autonomous.

Just like most personal computers in the early 90’s were not connected to any online service, most cars today – even “connected” cars, are not attached to any online service.

However, just like AOL, Compuservices and the Internet created ubiquitous online networks for the PC, over the next few years cars will all start attaching to networks.

At Tesloop we believe that the network you connect your vehicle to should be free, open and transparent. It should make car ownership more economical and make interactions with all the service providers you need to deal with more efficient. It should be designed with your best interests in mind – not those of advertisers, car companies, or data brokers.

That’s why we are building Carmiq.

Carmiq is an open source software platform designed to enable a better ownership experience for electric-connected cars. Carmiq puts car owners in control of the data connectivity of their vehicle to make ownership both more efficient and economical. It does this by offering free data-driven services, and facilitating automated interactions between car owners, car renters, users, and a growing ecosystem of service providers.

We believe you should own your vehicle data and only share this – with those who explicitly specify – in a way that puts your benefit and privacy at the center of the equation.

We believe that over the next 5 years all major automotive services including financing, insurance, tire services,  parking and battery charging can be optimized though data connectivity and analytics; drastically reducing many of the laborious tasks associated with managing car ownership.

As autonomy makes vehicles increasingly collision resistant, the idea of renting your car to others when you are not using it will drastically lower the cost of vehicle ownership for those looking to optimize economics.

At Tesloop we are creating the connected car network that we would like to see in place for ourselves, our friends and our loved ones.

Carmiq Technical Greenpaper (Coming Soon)

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