Led Hewlett Packard’s $30B Printer Business, CFO of HP, Former Tesla Motors Board Member, Partner at VantagePoint Ventures

Mike Fawkes

Director and Investor

An IT engineer background with 15 years of international business operations and strategic marketing experience. Business Innovator in the automotive industry. Expert on: blockchain, autonomous driving, connected cars, IoT, and New Mobility services

Sebastien Henot

Blockchain & New Mobility Business Innovation, Renault

A prolific blockchain event speaker and advisor. Deep understanding of the needs and mechanics of both product marketing, sales development, localization, and globalization. Former founder of DotWords and SingularityU Italy

David Orban

Founder / Managing Partner, Network Society Ventures

A former CTO of CPA Upsell, ConsumerTrack, RebuildUS, BroadSpring, TeenSafe. Former SVP Tech at (EOS)

David Moss

CEO, StrongBlock / ExceedTeam

An expert in big data and how it will change the business models of the world’s leading sectors like transportation, insurance, telecommunications, government, and home building

John Ellis

Former Head of Technology at Ford. Current leader of LA DOT transportation initiatives

A leading global expert in mechanism design; an innovative area of game theory that brings together economics, engineering and computer science

Dr. Rakesh Vohra

Economics & Engineering Professor at University of Pennsylvania