Product Manager at Glossi, Strategic Business Analyst at MyPoints, Consultant at Equallet, et al

Brian Skipworth

Analytics & Cofounder

Focused on outreach, public relations, and customer satisfaction issues. An auto enthusiast and first-class travel aficionado since his early teens. Founded Tesloop at age sixteen


Chief Customer Officer and Founder

Seasoned founder & operator. CEO and founder of thePlatform (Digital Video) – Sold to Comcast for over $100m. Lead R&D for Microsoft Office Asia. Developer at Adobe Systems Inc. Masters in Computer Science from University of Washington, MBA program at Harvard Business School

Rahul Sonnad

CEO & Co-founder

CTO of Lively, an IoT health sensor company. CTO of Geodelic. Chief Scientist at Shopzilla for 10 years. Majored in Comp Sci at Stanford, Ph.D. from University of Washington

Keith Dutton

CTO & Cofounder

Building Tesloop’s customer-centric, mission-driven culture. Enjoys recruiting and empowerment. COO of Oracle Films, an independent music video production company servicing clients such as the Foo Fighters, MTV, and Microsoft. MFA in Writing from University of British Columbia

Stephanie Gossett

Head of Operations

Focused on Branding, Awareness and Growth. Team One – Lexus Account, Ignited USA – Fresh & Easy Account. Majored in Digital Marketing at Loyola Marymount University

Jobert Adan

Marketing Lead

Product and User Experience Design, Planning, and Project Management. Majored in Manufacturing Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

Alexander Salazar

Product Manager