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What is Carmiq Connect?

Carmiq Connect is an online service designed to enable a better ownership experience for electric-connected cars. Carmiq puts you in control of the data connectivity of your vehicle to make ownership more efficient and economical. It does this by offering free data-driven services, and facilitating automated interactions between car owners, car renters, and a growing ecosystem of service providers.

Carmiq is operated by Tesloop, which has been programmatically managing its Tesla fleet for over three years, achieving the highest satisfaction ratings in transportation. Tesloop provides phone, e-mail and chat support for Tesla owners who connect to Carmiq.

How will Carmiq make my car ownership experience better?

As a Tesla owner, you have an incredible amount of innovation and technological advancements surrounding you. However, until now, there has been no easy way to selectively share your vehicle data with others delivering services.

Carmiq lets you store and share your data according to your interests in offerings by service provider, with a focus on your privacy and control. It offers a new automated way to interact with these providers that is more efficient and economical across a range of services such as Insurance, Tire Service, Financing, Parking, and Battery Charging.

Carmiq award you with network credits that can be used for future services, even if you aren't sharing your data with anyone, and lets you opt into using your data to provide helpful tips and insights to improve your driving and ownership experience.

How do you sign up?

Sign-up takes less than 90 seconds and lets you start earning network credits immediately. Carmiq Connect creates no obligations of any type to the car owner. You are welcome to use only the components of the program that match your needs. You can opt-out at any time, and you own your own data.

What about your privacy and data?

Your privacy is our utmost priority. Carmiq is designed to put you in control of your data at all times unlike the other most popular internet services. Please refer to our privacy policy and if you have any questions, feel free contact us at support@carmiq.net and we’ll answer all your concerns.

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What is Tesloop?

Tesloop is an LA based startup that in 2015 launched the most innovative automotive mobility service in the world running from LA to Las Vegas, and this was soon followed with routes to Palm Springs and San Diego. Tesloop has been managing a fleet of Teslas driving over 17,000 miles per month, with it's first vehicle, eHawk - a Model S 85D having over 430,000 miles (700k km) on it.

Tesloop is now taking the software it has developed to manage its own fleet and freely opening it up to Tesla owners across the world, so they can realize the types of benefits that only fleet owners could previously enjoy.

How are the Reviews of Tesloop's Shuttle Service?

Over the last three years, Tesloop has received the highest ratings of any transportation company in the world, with exceptional levels of customer service.

E-mail us or chat us if you have any questions.

“This company has really nailed this concept on the head. Beyond accommodating concierge and drivers! All around 100% satisfaction”


“The BEST thing about Tesloop, besides the great prices and the low carbon emissions, is the SERVICE. I couldn't believe how accommodating they were and how willing they were to go out of their way to help me! Truly outstanding service! They will go above and beyond to please their customers. Thank you Rahul! I will be using your service again and let people know about it!”


“Seamless, easy, amazing pricing, great people and service. All of this and you get to ride in the world’s most advanced luxury vehicle.”


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